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Date: Thursday 15 December 2022

Time: 09:00 - 17:00 h.

Hof Ter Musschen
Av. Emmanuel Mounierlaan 2
1200 Bruxelles



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16-18 Febr. 2023

6 featured speakers, including Dr. Luis Carriere

Expanding the Boundaries of Innovation

Orlando, Florida





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Torquing Springs

Torquing Springs

Price per 1pc, packed per 10 pcs      5,53 €

Partenaire distributeur de 3M Belgique pour les brackets (sans APC™), Transbond™, Forsus™, également les bagues, les fils, les élastiques, etc.

Education Fonctionnelle

Education Fonctionnelle

A partir de 41,90 €

Produits mis en valeur

Reliance Composite Bite Turbo Gel Pink (Replaces Triad Gel)
Reliance Composite Bite Turbo Gel Pink (Replaces Triad Gel)

3,4g Push Syringe with 5 tips


Energy Chain Clear
Energy Chain Clear

1 spool

Ref.: RMECM06...

€ 67,90
Reliance Ultra-Band-Lok Blue with fluoride
Reliance Ultra-Band-Lok Blue with fluoride

5g Luer Lok Syringe with tips


3M™ Forsus™ Wire Mount .022
3M™ Forsus™ Wire Mount .022


Ref.: 3M885-152

€ 64,15


Carriere® Motion™ 3D for Class III with SLX 3D Brackets

ClearCorrect™: ClearPilot features: The Control is in Your Hands

Carriere® Motion™ Class II Appliance

Carriere® Motion™ Class II Appliance Placement Video

The Motion is a direct bond appliance that attaches to the maxillary canine and first permanent molar, providing a simple procedure for turning complex Class II patients into a Class I platform. Once a Class I condition is achieved, malocclusions become easier to treat and can be finished with your preferred orthodontic technique. Since there are no competing forces in the mouth when using this appliance, average Class II correction can usually be achieved in just three to four months.

Placement of Ortho-FlexTech Fixed Lingual Retention Wire

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